Skin care Consultation

A skin care consultation is the first step you need to take towards achieving a perfect skin.

It is important to understand what nutrients your skin is thirsty for, before you can start using a beauty routine. As a certified facial treatments professional and skin care consultant, I will discuss with you your skin concerns and propose the most suitable solutions for you.

Beauty treatments

Find your desired beauty treatment from my exclusive beauty treatments menu, ideal for a luxurious treat for yourself or your loved ones.


Pareira Peel Deep Cleansing Facial 20 mins

Naturom’s revolutionary Pareira Peel does not contain grains or chemical acids. It is a unique peeling product that can also be used safely on the sensitive area around the eyes. The product has a double function - as a peeling for deep cleansing effect and as a firming serum. It leaves the skin soft and radiant.

Lilium Exclusive Caviar Facial 1 hour

The Chelidonium caviar special beauty treatment is a pure luxury for instantly firming the skin, giving it enhanced tone and a smoother texture. Caviar, a face and eye massage, and a double-phased mask with fresh fruit juice have the natural power to enhance collagen and elastin fibre production. Experience a firmer, clearer and glowing skin.

Natural Skin Tightening Anti Wrinkle Facial 1 hour

NATUROM's natural, herbal, tightening, anti wrinkle and face calming treatment. The connective energy with the beautician releases the deep facial tension while NATUROM's Bolero herbal anti wrinkle face calming factor naturally lifts and firms maturing or distressed skin. This is more than a facial - it is a whole new experience.

Eugenia Eye Bliss Beauty Treatment 50 mins

This excellent eye beauty treatment for all skin types visibly decreases wrinkles and dark circles around the sensitive areas of the eyes. The Eugenia Serum also protects the eye area from the harmful effects of environment agents. It leaves the eye area completely renewed.

Special Skin Whitening / Brightening Treatment 50 min

This special treatment is the result of recent scientific research based on the use of natural ingredients and herbal extracts in high dilution, which can gradually decrease skin melanin for a slight soft focus overall skin effect. It fades hyper-pigmented areas, decreases yellow and red discolorations, and softens imperfections of the skin. It triggers both an instant and a gradual fading effect on blemishes, lines, grainy skin, pores and dark spots, resulting in an even, luminous and matte skin complexion.


4 exclusive beauty treatments targeting very specific skin needs.

All of them are based on Naturom’s breakthrough Myrtus Mask innovation.

The mask's base cream has been developed as the only vehicle which allows the natural vitamins, minerals and AHA found in fresh fruit and vegetable juices to effectively penetrate and benefit the skin.

Ultimate Moisturising Treatment1 hour

This facial mask is designed to give the skin an intensive boost. It works miracles on dry, dehydrated or problem skin. The treatment starts with a rejuvenating facial massage. The mask then drenches your skin with moisture, leaving it smooth, rested and re-energized.

Vitamin C Skin Activator Treatment 1 hour

Vitamin C, known for its action against free radicals which cause the skin to age, is the main ingredient of this powerful anti ageing mask. Enhanced with fresh orange juice, this relaxing and refreshing treatment serves to gently cleanse, nourish and hydrate the skin. It leaves the skin fresh and surprisingly younger-looking.

Oily Skin & Acne Balancing Treatment 1 hour

A deep cleansing oil-controlling mask enhanced with fresh lemon juice helps to regulate oil secretions, purify and minimise open pores. It is ideal for oily, congested, or problem skin and for those suffering from hormonal imbalances. This powerfully effective beauty treatment helps to calm skin, restore balance and activate a clear complexion.

Total Replenishing Anti-Wrinkle Treatment 1 hour

Specifically designed for mature, dry or dehydrated skin, this mask aims at minimizing the appearance of fine lines. The addition of fresh pear or watermelon juice focuses on offering essential natural substances to the skin. Astounding results are evident immediately after treatment.

Skin Whitening Anti-Discoloration Treatment 1 hour

This facial mask with added fresh potato juice enhances the skin with the necessary vitamins and helps reduce unwanted skin discolorations, brown spots and freckles on the face, offering a whitening effect. The skin glows healthy, even and bright.


Complete Gentlemen’s Facial 1 hour

A beauty treatment created for all male skin types. Choose between either a detoxifying or a soothing beauty treatment with NATUROM’s unique range of natural men's skin care products. It helps stabilize the skin's behaviour, prevent irritations before they begin and corrects stressed skin. The result is cleansed, energized and calm-looking skin.

Anti Ageing Beauty Treatment 1 hour

This luxurious treatment based on the unique Phelandrium formula has been created for the most demanding anti-aging skin care concerns. It is further complemented by an anti-aging eye lifting beauty treatment that helps to refine and moisturise the delicate eye area and other sensitive parts of the face and neck.

Activate Your Skin Treatment 1 hour

Especially designed for tired skin, this treatment offers you the benefits of NATUROM’s Myrtus Mask with fresh orange juice, combined with the Robinia Serum. It helps to deeply tighten the skin, leaving it brighter, energized and breathing.


Body treatments for both ladies and gentlemen.

Skin Hydrating Body Treatment 1 hour

An absolutely refreshing beauty treatment to deeply re-moisturise dry, sensitive or problem skin. Outstanding for its unique nourishing and skin conditioning properties, this body wrap treatment is excellent for total mind and body relaxation.

Anti-Stress Body Treatment 40 mins

A soothing and regenerating beauty treatment, it will feel like a complete oasis. Our special Daphne olive oil and aloe soothing toner eases the tension in tight muscles and at the same time treats the skin with the necessary nourishment and body tranquillity.

Firming Body Treatment 2 hours

Using the special Citrus Firming body wrap, this treatment offers your skin more elasticity, firmness and smoothness. This special body treatment has unique slimming properties as it activates your body to become tighter, silky and energetic.


Express Deep Cleansing Treatment

Express Eye Beauty Treatment

Express Mask Treatment

Express Body Treatment


Total Indulgence 3 hours

Pamper your skin with this intensive face and body nourishing treatment package, custom-made to cater to what your skin specifically needs at the time of your treatment. Relax and indulge into a special face mask treatment, a Eugenia Eye Bliss beauty treatment and a skin hydrating body treatment.

Age Perfect 3 hours

Take years off your skin in just 3 hours. The most astonishing before and after effect you have ever experienced. Includes a 1 hour 30 mins facial or special mask treatment -selected to fit your skin needs- a Eugenia Eye Bliss beauty treatment and a body firming treatment.

Before Sun 2 hours

This special face and body beauty treatment acts to generate a protective shield both against UV radiation and against aging. It leaves your skin fresh and hydrated all day and protects it from the unwanted effects and skin dehydration caused by sun rays. Look and feel glamorous under the sun.

After sun Beauty Treatment 2 hours 30 mins

Designed to repair and counteract the damaging effects of the sun and sea on both your facial and body skin. This is achieved through a combination of specific Naturom products, with the aim to return your skin to its before sun smoothness and allure.

Romantic Interlude 3 hours

Dedicated to couples desiring a luxurious escape and experience, it begins with a face and body massage to relax the couple and continues with our Special Mask facial treatments. A relaxing body wrap will conclude the session, leaving the couple re-connected, fresh and ready for a beautiful evening.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatment: Bride 3 hours

Shine like the brightest star on your special day. This full-package treatment includes a Pareira Peeling Deep Cleansing Facial, a Special Mask facial treatment, a Eugenia Eye Beauty Treatment and an Anti-Stress Body Treatment. Face the happiest day of your life glowing with beauty and confidence.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatment: Groom 2 hours

Men often overlook the importance of everyday skin care, but that shouldn’t be the case on their wedding day. The package includes a Complete Gentlemen’s Facial, a Eugenia Eye Beauty Treatment and an Anti-Stress Body Treatment to help the groom relax before the big day.

Mother-To-Be Beauty Treatment 2 hours

This beauty treatment appropriately enhances skin elasticity on the abdomen, breasts and legs without causing any harmful side effects. The products used are sourced from certified organic ingredients and specially filtered herbal extracts safely processed by NATUROM’s experts. The nourishing beauty treatment is completed with a relaxing massage and a hands beauty treatment. An extra facial can also be included.

After Birth Beauty Treatment 2 hours

This beauty treatment is focused on helping the new mum to get back in shape. It is concentrated on refreshing, firming and re-energizing the skin; treating the mum to a complete rejuvenation. Our scientists recommend this beauty treatment to be repeated several times, in order for the abdomen and breasts skin results to be fully achieved. This beauty treatment also adds a relaxing massage and a beauty treatment for hands.